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Спрос на проституток в Казани неуклонно растет

Вас интересует возможность в интимной обстановке провести время с девушкой в Казани? Если да, то столица Татарстана способна предложить огромное количество куртизанок на любой вкус. У непосвящённого человека сразу возникает множество вопросов. Одним из главных является то, где именно в Казани искать проституток? В современном мире вовсе не обязательно выходить в специальные места на ночные улицы города или посещать шалманы. Подобные варианты можно назвать устаревшими и несущими в себе различные недостатки. Читать далее »

3 major myths about escort ladies’ work

Escort business can be a great decision for young ladies who want to make real money for their living. Escort models are supposed to be pretty, slim and tall ladies, but actually it is not true. Any girl who has no vivid ugliness, awful scars or tattoos can become an escort girl. It is just matter of taste, not all clients do really like tall blond slim girls. Tastes differ and any girl is unique in her own way. So why not to try?

Opinion that only top-models can be workers of escort service is the first and the most widespread myth about escort agencies. Luckily, it can be easily destroyed. You may just look through the websites of escort agencies to make yourself sure that any lady can become a modern geisha. Tall and slim, plump but so cute, blond, red-haired… the only requirement is to be well-groomed and always smiling, friendly to clients.

The second mistaken opinion is that escort is the same service as prostitution. Let’s damage such a claim too. Why do you think escort ladies do need education and diplomas? Their aim is to communicate with clients, partners on business meetings. The first aim of any escort model is to keep a client a company in trips, at some events, or simply on a date. Let’s again make a parallel with geishas. Were they prostitutes? – Nope. They were educated young ladies knowing that they are beautiful, talented and tempting.

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